Laser cutting is an exceptionally effective method for cutting sheet metal. It offers unique capabilities unavailable with other sheet metal cutting methods. When selecting a cutting process for any sheet metal, it is important to think about the capabilities of the tool and compare it to the project’s needs. For many sheet metal fabrication projects, the best choice is laser cutting.

Laser cutting results in precise, clean cutting that does not require the expense and time of further processing. It is ideal for carbon and stainless-steel sheet metal. It is fast, repeatable, and the most accurate process, perfect for large runs.

When you choose laser metal fabrication, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • No physical contact with the sheet metal
  • Tiny heat zone results in minimal warping
  • The Most Precise Cutting
  • Complex Contour Capabilities
  • Intricate Shape Capability
  • Quiet
  • Clean Edges
  • Narrow Kerf

Laser cutting clearly offers a multitude of benefits. Some of the top reasons to choose laser cutting includes affordable prices, high efficiency, speed, higher quality cuts, and the best possible precision.

Affordable Prices

We all have budgets to adhere to, and one of the best ways to come in under budget for your next sheet metal cutting project is to choose laser cutting.

Laser cutting uses computer numeric control (CNC) for sheet metal cutting. CNC is an automated process: The computer controls the laser. An operator is needed only to plug the specifications into the computer before starting the operation. The computer does the rest, slashing labor costs.

In addition, lasers do not go dull. A laser is a concentrated beam of light that cuts due to the heat it generates. Since light has no mass, there is no material to be worn down over time.

A traditional cutting tool uses a blade which goes dull with use, just like a knife, requiring additional costs to repair and maintain. Therefore, laser cutting comes with both a shorter lead time and improved productivity, in addition to the lower costs.

Efficiency and Speed

Lasers can cut through any type of material, and they do it faster than bladed cutting tools. They cut at a rate in excess of 20 meters per minute. The laser’s speed depends on the intricacy and tolerances of the sheet metal.

Regardless of the intricacy and tolerances of the sheet metal, using multi-head razors or several lasers operating together increases laser speed.

In addition, laser cutters, because they are CNC automated, work at night even when operators are not present. This 24/7 cutting capability further enhances the efficiency and speed of laser cutting for sheet metal.

Enhanced Quality

CNC automation does more than reduce lead times. The computer also cuts with minimal variation compared to a non-automated process. This results in higher quality cutting with very few defects.

Higher Levels of Precision

CNC laser cutters offer the capacity for extremely detailed cutting. Laser cutters process the smallest possible cuts within the tightest tolerances.

If your project requires intricate cuts, laser cutters are the way to go. They create sharp, clean edges. There is also minimal burning because the laser melts the material instead of cutting it. A lasers preciseness makes it ideal for sheet metal cutting that needs precise, accurate cuts.

The Bottom Line

CNC laser cutting provides top-flight capabilities for your sheet metal cutting project. The automation and the low maintenance required for lasers allows for short lead times. Lasers are also highly precise, allowing for levels of precision unavailable with other methods. The result is high quality cutting at a low cost with fast lead times. What could be better than that?

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