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Providing metal fabrication services to a wide range of markets

Prototech Laser supports Prime and Sub-Prime Defense Contractors, Automotive OEM’s and their sub tiers as well as Industrial markets. We are dedicated to providing innovative fabrication solutions to exceed our customers’ expectations whether it is prototype or production. We are experts with a vast array of material processing experience; specializing in industrial laser cutting and the complete manufacture of fabricated parts. We also weld rare metals our competitors can’t (i.e.: inconel, aluminum, and titanium). We build proprietary designed tooling yet remain cost effective at low or high volume runs. This fabricated metal part manufacturing competency makes us the ideal source for special requirements.

Material thickness capabilities for laser cutting:


1.00" Armor


1.00" Stainless Steel


1.00" Mild Steel


.600" Aluminum

What Our Customers Say

“I have worked with Prototech for many years on several different projects and they have always been able to meet our quality and timing needs. Customer service has been great to deal with and parts have always passed quality inspections. I would recommend Prototech to anyone who needs fast low volume parts as well as cost effective large quantity production runs, they can meet your needs.”

Jim J.
Defense Industry

"Prototech Laser is a very professional company that we’ve enjoyed with for many years. We greatly appreciate their commitment to quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We are fortunate to have suppliers like Prototech Laser."

Sandra L.
Defense Industry

“Great company to work with, fast service and great prices"

Neil O.
Aerospace Industry

“Very responsive with quotes. Quick turnaround, high quality and reasonable price”

John M.
Automotive Industry

"Prototech is considered an outside partner in our manufacturing operations. They are very attentive to our needs in every way."

Jason N.
Transportation Industry


Military & Defense

Prototech Laser is experienced with providing fabricated and machined parts for military defense vehicles nationwide. Many of these components require specialized manufacturing processes in heavy gauge materials. We provide material certifications, 100% serialized traceability and detailed inspection reports for all components we supply. Prototech Laser is proud to be an independent American-owned company manufacturing many key components necessary to support our Nation’s fighting men and women around the world. In support of military vehicles we have processed literally hundreds of thousands of defense components for such platforms as MRAP / MATV / LAV / HMMW / FMTV / MBT and many others.
Laser Cutting For The Automotive Industry


We have been a Tier 1 automotive supplier since 1990 with millions of parts on the road as result of laser cutting and laser welding. Situated in Southeastern Michigan, Prototech Laser is poised to deliver your product to any automotive facility in North America. Whether we are providing full service production manufacturing of parts complete to your specification, or just providing simple iterative changes to support current production, you can trust us to deliver a quality product on time. We maintain close working relationships with automotive companies and our reputation is one of impeccable quality and dedication throughout the industry.


Prototech Laser understands not all manufacturing needs fall into common categories such as automotive or aerospace. We are sought after by unique industrial sectors needing to create non-standard solutions. We provide fabricated parts from NASCAR to Medical and from Industrial Machinery to Sporting Goods. Each of these sectors have unique manufacturing and process control requirements necessary to the success of that particular client. Prototech Laser’s ability to match our manufacturing process to meet your specific needs is a defining feature of our commitment to our client’s individual success. Our commitment is to become a seamless extension of your business providing fabricated parts and service that exceed your expectations. Prototech Laser’s dedication to operate in concert with your way of doing business allows you, the client, to focus on your product.
Laser Cutting For The Industrial Industry
Laser Cutting For The Aerospace Industry


Laser cutting is common among the aerospace industry. Similar to the automotive industry, it encompasses the development, design, and manufacture of countless part shapes, material types, thicknesses, and sizes.

The aerospace industry requires products that must withstand enormous pressure and stress. Our company understands these strict requirements and ensures all our processes are precise, reliable, and performed with the highest quality standards available today.


Why Choose Our Laser Cutting and Metal Fabricating Company?

Prototech Laser boasts over 150 distinct customers serving a multitude of industries such as military, aerospace, automotive, general industrial, and everyday consumer applications. Our team specializes in challenging laser cutting applications due to complex part geometries, difficult to cut exotic materials and higher volume production requirements.

Prototech Laser services an array of industries with its vast experience in processing different materials such as aluminum, plastics, high strength steels, exotic, nonferrous metals and difficult part geometries. We have also mastered laser cutting techniques for emerging technologies such as hot stamping, tube and hydroform processes.

As a full service supplier, we provide a broad range of value-added services for our customers including process design, engineering and testing. In addition to manufacturing technologies, our capabilities include a wide-range of metal fabrication services including cutting, welding, bending, machining, assembly, design and coating. Our quality program is certified under IATF 16469:2016. We have a vast array of metal fabrication equipment including 10 laser cutting systems, which are equipped with power ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 watts.

Our highly skilled operators are able to run two machines at once, helping to contain labor costs. In addition, two 3 axis lasers are fully automated, thereby, increasing capacity and decreasing labor costs.

We are looking forward to learning more about your business and how we can help deliver quality products on-time!