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Full-Service Metal Fabricators in Michigan

Prototech Laser consistently delivers top-quality 3 and 5 axis laser cutting, CNC machining, metal forming up to 250 tons, mig and tig welding, and assembly. Our state-of-the-art equipment along with skilled prototype programmers and machinists can quickly turn around the most complex fabricated assemblies. Contact us today and learn how we can deliver high quality metal fabrication services for your business!

Sheet Metal Bending




Laser Cutting


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Sheet Metal Forming


3D Laser Cutting

What Our Customers Say

“I have worked with Prototech for many years on several different projects and they have always been able to meet our quality and timing needs. Customer service has been great to deal with and parts have always passed quality inspections. I would recommend Prototech to anyone who needs fast low volume parts as well as cost effective large quantity production runs, they can meet your needs.”

Jim J.
Defense Industry

"Prototech Laser is a very professional company that we’ve enjoyed with for many years. We greatly appreciate their commitment to quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We are fortunate to have suppliers like Prototech Laser."

Sandra L.
Defense Industry

“Great company to work with, fast service and great prices"

Neil O.
Aerospace Industry

“Very responsive with quotes. Quick turnaround, high quality and reasonable price”

John M.
Automotive Industry

"Prototech is considered an outside partner in our manufacturing operations. They are very attentive to our needs in every way."

Jason N.
Transportation Industry


Full-Service Machine Shop

We provide quick turnaround prototype parts and do it in virtually any material. Prototech Laser equally delivers top-quality production CNC machined parts. We work aggressively to minimize cycle time and lower prices. Prototech Laser will machine your parts faster while maintaining the highest quality with our IATF 16949:2016 certified Quality Management Systems.
Full service machine shop and metal fabrication
Sheet metal bending and forming

Sheet Metal Bending and Forming

Forming is a critical service to laser cutting. By providing top notch forming services we greatly increase efficiency and decrease cost in your supply chain.

Our hydraulic press brake equipment can provide up to 250 tons of forming pressure to support all your metal bending and forming needs.

Welding & Assembly

Staffed by experienced certified welders, Prototech Laser offers TIG and MIG welding combined with manual and robotic welding delivery systems. Thereby, we respond to your need of either low or high volume demand. We have extensive experience in all types of assemblies from very small to large, and have all the in-house capabilities to create tooling and fixtures to ensure your specifications are met.

Prototech Laser is a pioneer of CO2 laser welding technologies. We pride ourselves in our ability to develop custom laser welding solutions, answering any challenge. Laser welding is incredibly advanced, requiring the high level of skill and experience that Prototech Laser has consistently delivered over the years. Industries served with laser welding technology include military, automotive, medical, and aerospace. There is no limit to the number of applications that are suited to laser welding.

Welding and Assembly Services

Laser Cutting

Our highly skilled and experienced staff has contributed to its leading reputation for success with difficult laser processing projects. This reputation has led to the unique situation of having both customers and competitors alike refer very difficult cutting projects to us. Our company also conducts backup and overflow processing for both customers and competitors. Due to our large laser capacity, higher volume production capability marks another competitive distinction. Most commercial laser cutting suppliers, which can be characterized as small job shops, focus primarily on prototype business. Not us. Our laser cutting company has custom designed and built proprietary laser equipment to accommodate the highest volume requirements in the industry.

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How Does the Automotive Industry Benefit from Laser Cutting?

How Does the Automotive Industry Benefit from Laser Cutting?

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