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3-Axis Laser Cutting & 5-Axis Laser Cutting

The core of our extensive list of capabilities is industrial laser cutting. We have one of the largest industrial laser cutting capacities in the Midwest with more than 10 lasers. By staying on the forefront of technology, Prototech Laser offers beneficial solutions for low to high volume manufacturing processes with little or no tooling. Prototech Laser meets the special requirements of defense, automotive and industrial market sectors.

Our 5-axis laser-cutting department can program to masters or CAD, and all fixtures are rapidly designed and fabricated in-house. We regularly cut steel, aluminum, plastic, and stainless parts. With 30 years of experience Prototech Laser is your source for complex shape cutting.

Our 3-axis machines can laser cut a wide variety of metals up to 1.00″ thick. With 6 kilowatts of power available we can efficiently process steel, aluminum, and stainless. Prototech Laser stocks a wide variety of material to expedite orders. Metal thickness capabilities:


1.00" Armor


1.00" Stainless Steel


1.00" Mild Steel


.600" Aluminum

What Our Customers Say

“I have worked with Prototech for many years on several different projects and they have always been able to meet our quality and timing needs. Customer service has been great to deal with and parts have always passed quality inspections. I would recommend Prototech to anyone who needs fast low volume parts as well as cost effective large quantity production runs, they can meet your needs.”

Jim J.
Defense Industry

"Prototech Laser is a very professional company that we’ve enjoyed with for many years. We greatly appreciate their commitment to quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. We are fortunate to have suppliers like Prototech Laser."

Sandra L.
Defense Industry

“Great company to work with, fast service and great prices"

Neil O.
Aerospace Industry

“Very responsive with quotes. Quick turnaround, high quality and reasonable price”

John M.
Automotive Industry

"Prototech is considered an outside partner in our manufacturing operations. They are very attentive to our needs in every way."

Jason N.
Transportation Industry


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Why Choose Our Laser Cutting Services in Michigan?

Laser cutting offers many advantages compared to conventional manufacturing cutting techniques such as plasma, flame and water jet. These advantages include flexibility, ease of automation, and higher quality. In recent years, laser speeds and laser beam quality have dramatically increased. As a result, laser cutting, which has historically been used for lower volume prototype applications, is now competing with more traditional higher volume manufacturing processes. Laser cutting is a flexible, cost effective, and higher quality alternative to metal die blanking for increasingly higher production volumes.

Laser cutting provides a clean cut required to meet the manufacturer’s specifications and the speed necessary to meet the volume requirements in a cost effective way. In addition, laser cutting greatly reduces the tooling cost for most projects. Furthermore, certain industry sectors are increasingly adopting hot stamping, tube and hydroform metal processing, which cannot be fully processed without laser cutting.

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