Prototech Laser knows the difference between standard sheet metal fabrication and customized solutions. As a full-service fabricator, Prototech Laser handles more than small jobs and prototypes. Laser cutting provides unparalleled efficiency, and that’s why Prototech can process the big volumes and customize pieces to the narrowest specifications.

Quality custom metal fabrication starts with the research & development phase. Prototech Laser’s engineers determine the ideal materials and most effective approach for cost-effective production during this process. Its custom metal fabrication process delivers durable, high-quality products, whether you need small components or large parts.

What custom fabrication techniques result in durable and precise fabricated metal parts?

The following are the most important:

Setting Design Intent

Our design engineers will work with your engineering department to create production plans that begin with the end in mind. Building a goal-oriented plan is essential for reaching the desired outcome. At the start, the collective design team asks themselves: What is the purpose of the fabrication?

For instance, the customer may be designing an industrial hatch that provides roof access for an oil tank. In another case, they may be developing a bulk storage device that requires several custom components, such as a fully insulated skirt and ground access opening. Prototech will provide input to the process such as manufacturing feasibility and confirm that the intended purpose is being satisfied.

As a full-service fabricator, Prototech Laser can use a standard industrial plan or engineering drawing to create a detailed design that brings the best results no matter how intricate the requirements.

Custom fabrication is ideal for the manufacture of many metal industrial components, found most commonly in the following industries:

  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • General Industry

With the right engineering expertise, the design focuses the entire process on achieving each value-add specification before the production begins.

Metal Cutting & Forming

Before cutting, custom metal fabricators need to consider the best fabrication method for the metal type and thickness. Laser cutting provides top-flight results for fabrications ranging from delicate metal to heavy steel plates with tight tolerances.

When the need arises for complex steel metal shapes, Prototech Laser employs laser cutting machines with Computer Numeric Control (CNC) to gain exceptional precision. Laser systems work well for carving circular holes or complex shapes from thick metal plates.

When projects require large steel beams or square plate with low tolerancing requirements, sawing and shearing yield excellent results. Plate shears provide a low-cost option when it comes to cutting simple shapes. Examples include carbon steel ductwork and durable metal bins.

Metal fabrication methods utilized by Prototech include the following:

  • CNC hydraulic press brakes
  • 3-Axis laser cutting systems
  • 5-Axis laser cutting systems
  • CNC milling operations
  • CNC lathe operations
  • Sawing and shearing operations
  • MIG & TIG welding operations
  • Heat treating (outsourced)
  • Paint & coating operations (outsourced)
  • Assembly

In addition, as a full-service metal fabricator, Prototech Laser stocks the equipment needed to produce quality parts at a minimal cost.

Our custom welding & assembling processes ensure metal fabrications comply with industry standards. Protech Laser employs certified welders and uses a documented quality control program (QC) to achieve maximum quality. The company is IATF16949 certified. In addition, our welders are certified to include Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) that conforms to ASME Section 9 and welding practices that conform to the API-650 standard.

To ensure top quality, Protech Laser engineers test all assemblies and subassemblies together. This method assures each part works in conjunction with the others. Documenting the assembly process is another key part of the QC process.

In addition, it is important to ship each fabricated component as an assembly when possible. For larger fabrications, Protech Laser ships in subassemblies that you can quickly put together on site.

Finishing to Add Value

Protech Laser can provide finishing processes through our valued partners that extend the life cycle of custom metal fabrication, resulting in a tangible return on each project. Whatever the fabrication type, our products are built to last, even in the most brutal weather conditions.

Standard finishing techniques include:

  • Metal bead blasting
  • Custom painting and drying
  • Metal powder coating

Starting with the design, Prototech Laser achieves its intended supreme quality at every stage of the project. Laser fabrication, welding, CNC machining, and more play a vital role in producing durable and high-quality finished goods.

When you need quality design, workmanship, and finishing, you need Prototech Laser. No job is too large, and no part is too intricate. To get started on your next custom metal fabrication project, contact Protoech Laser today.